WATER DAMAGE - "But The Rat Was Very Smart" CS

WATER DAMAGE - "But The Rat Was Very Smart" CS

Sophomore Lounge
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Water DamageBut The Rat Was Very Smart CS (Sophomore Lounge, 2022)

A mere three months after Water Damage's "Repeater" LP (on 12XU) comes a new tape of material from the same sessions that birthed the lauded debut. "But The Rat Was Very Smart" finds Water Damage reveling in more of the same minimal maximalism, repetition and squall. "Reel 5A/3B" finds the group starting where they left off from "Repeater" and heading into slightly wilder territories that continue on "Reel 1" with detuned sprawl to clear your sinuses.

Water Damage is an Austin-based septet featuring members of Spray Paint, USA/Mexico, Swans, Black Eyes, Marriage, Thor & Friends and more. Water Damage is process driven, blending harmonic tones and textures within a simplistic repeating framework, striving for what's next without ever getting there. And then doing it over and over again...

Bass - Nate Cross
Bass - Jeff Piwonka
Bowed Guitar - Travis Austin
Drums - Thor Harris
Drums - Mike Kanin
Drums - Greg Piwonka
Synthesizer - George Dishner