DAN MELCHIOR & JIM MARLOWE - "Footprints in the Men's Room" CD

DAN MELCHIOR & JIM MARLOWE - "Footprints in the Men's Room" CD

Newton's Kidney
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Dan Melchior & Jim Marlowe - Footprints in the Men's Room CD (Newton's Kidney, 2023)
"You are driving late in the dark of night. Gas station stimulants have long subsided. With plenty of road ahead you grip the new Melchior/Marlowe disc and feed it into the stereo. These gents fill the tank with visceral Hoofprints of the Innermost Smote. Cruise control is set to Ashtray Navigations, temperature control to Vibracathederal Orchestra, and dashboard bobble-mantras counterpoint Richard Youngs to Matthew Bower. Cataract drivers certified in the Deed Hindmost Denuded Shim.

Two headlights steadily advance in your rearview mirror, the vehicle accelerating closer and closer as light fills your interior. A split second before blotting out your existence one headlight passes on your right while the other passes on your left, as if the car turned projectile undergoes a cellular division, morphing into two. Stunned, hurdling 80 down the blackest of interstates, you see the former headlights, now taillights, recede into the forward horizon. Were those two motorcycles all along?

Dear future listener, “Let not thy left foot know what they right foot doeth” (Footprint Homonyms 6.3).

Dan Melchior (right-footed) mounts the Chrome Owl (right headlight).

Jim Marlowe (left-footed) mounts the Homeric Wool Mower (left headlight).

Together their sonic chimera narrowly avoids a DUI in the Miracle Wormhole.

Footprints in the Men’s Room, the second release on the fervent Newton’s Kidney label, is earmuff that could easily make kin with much of the VHF, Fusetron, Giardia, Majora or Corpus Hermeticum imprints.

In this, the debut collaboration between Dan Melchior and Jim Marlowe, our heroes dare to portend a potential eponymous release on the ECM record label… only one with substantial Testicular Fortitude.

File under: If ECM had balls."

-Kaptain Molasses

*When feeding the sounds of this disc into voice-to-text AI transcription software the following was disclosed: What stumbles around in the dark, will take your imagination, close at arm’s length, hidden behind thick glasses, and dark screens, and veneered distance, suspended in quiet free fall of hypnotic eloquence. For deep in the heart there is a beat of wet earth stirred in memory dimly carried to bed at night on rainy days.
released November 3, 2023

Everything played and recorded by Dan and Jim
Final twist by Jim at End of an Ear Louisville, KY

Newton's Kidney #2