DIP FRISO - "Crocodile or Real?" LP

DIP FRISO - "Crocodile or Real?" LP

Real Landscape
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Dip Friso - Crocodile or Real? LP (Real Landscape, 2022)

YO! Low key dadaist boom-bap beats from the concrète streets of modern day Glasgow. There's a hallucinatory quality to these disembodied scraps of trax that feel found and taped back together with an almost Gastr Del Sol'ian approach to post-Dilla deconstruction/reassembly. Interesting stuff...

"Crocodile or Real? A ghost dub broadcast shaped from a special K.

Over-ripe bananas and quaaludes, looking across the concrete at screeching burnouts resonating into echo-streaked good morning sunshine.

Beat a zig zag serpentine passage, and drift towards solid ground on the platform, are you coming down? Ported and stacked, slip into a stuttering seventh dub.

Alarm bells and scattering footsteps in the carriage, that is ugly (what’s going on?)

Space liquid danger waters, sink or swim, float forward inside out, Queens Park conga, last train (to Glasgow Central).

Perfect storm clouds, take a beat dub cut-up bud, splash it out.

Wherever you are, listen in, K..."

"Crocodile or Real? is a new record by Dip Friso, following 2020’s “If The Worm Turns It Could Turn Ugly”. Dip Friso is a recording project of Murray Collier, who also releases music as Grim Lusk (Domestic Exile, 12th Isle), Sunny Balm (Sacred Summits) and as one half of Pussy Mothers (Optimo Music)." - Real Landscape