ELIJAH MINNELLI - "Creamed Horn" 10"

ELIJAH MINNELLI - "Creamed Horn" 10"

Accidental Meetings
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Elijah Minnelli - Creamed Horn 10" EP (Accidental Meetings, 2022)

"There's not a huge amount of information surrounding the illustrious Elijah Minnelli, but after a run of highly sought-after 7"s with his own label, Elijah Minnelli debuts on Accidental Meetings. An exciting match-up by any means, Elijah's unique style is in full blow, with extra added hazy reverb & delay.

We've received an official press release from BCC below -

"The early noughties were a turbulent time for Breadminster, but the decade's instability yielded results that have, in time, clarified into one of the more formative eras of the township's history.

The year is 2002. A culturally progressive wind bellowed across the archipelago, ruffling the feathered necklaces of the milking heifers. Breadminster, though traditionally a dairy town, became one of the first EU locations to ban the manufacture, distribution and consumption of milk. Led by the ‘Breadminster Bovine Welfare’ (BBW) pressure group, who took to daubing lactose-intolerant graffiti across the exterior walls of the local dairy farms, slogans like “Down With Milk” “I Don’t Think So” and “Stop Producing Milk” cut to the core of this otherwise sturdy industry; the effect was difficult to digest, but culminated in rendering the milking halls derelict. Workers left in droves; cows, herds.

This shift in perspective created a large vacant space in downtown Breadminster. However, ever resourceful, the younger generation, high on Cool Britannia and cheap CDRW’s moved in, a new era of go-getters working studiously to transform the once-heaving bovine yard into Breadminster’s most famous and prominent super-club: The Busty Ladies Forum.

The sound that emerged from the Forum was a sparser, more introverted sonic language that was really impressed with itself.

'Creamed Horn' by Elijah Minnelli borrows and builds upon themes first heard echoing through the halls of the dairy during this pivotal era. Drawing from the spectral moo’s of freed cattle and pounding sub-bass, a young Elijah absorbed. This EP is a love letter to the Busty Ladies Forum and everything it represents. " " - AM