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Greektown Clubs - Greektown Clubs CD-R (All Gone, 2020)

Hypnotizing trash grooves from the after-hour ether. This sounds like if a pile of broken microwaves was accidentally brought to life by dark magickal forces and started emanating some semblance of techno music in response to its newfound animation, foggily pulsating and awaking/employing other junk throughout the humanless landfill night.

"GREEKTOWN CLUBS provides a grimy soundscape scathing outta the dust & ash of the seediest party sector in Downtown Detroit where Gyro Meat is served like stray bullets coming out of Legends Strip Club. Beats blast from this CDR like a Chrysler 300 with a rattling sub woofer swerving down Monroe nearly escaping hitting a drunk Tigers fan leaving Wahlburgers.

Come crawling to this Club Exodus Rooftop, drinks are free till midnight as long as you bet your chips on your choice of unfortunate Detroit Sports Franchises
GREEKTOWN CLUBS is perfect for commutes from GreekTown back to Romeo Plank RD

recommend for fans of all things snatch tapes & Eastern
 European 80's tape culture youtube obscurities

All Gone DIY CDR style
you know how we bum
limited insert" - A.G.