JAY BOLOTIN - "No One Seems To Notice That It's Raining" LP

JAY BOLOTIN - "No One Seems To Notice That It's Raining" LP

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Jay Bolotin - No One Seems To Notice That It's Raining LP (Delmore Recording Society, 2018)

"Kentucky native Jay Bolotin is a renaissance artist, equally at home crafting music and stories as he is creating otherworldly creatures carved from woodblocks, who are then masterfully animated into being.  To step inside his world is to forget what was and what is.

Described as sounding like Leonard Cohen crossed with John Jacob Niles recording Blood On The Tracks, Bolotin's songs were championed by Kris Kristofferson, Mickey Newbury, Merle Haggard, and Norbert Putnam; and recorded by David Allen Coe, Dan Fogelberg, and Porter Wagoner. His own studio sessions and demos reveal a voice calling from the shadows, spinning tales full of majestic imagery, that until now remained as elusive as the creatures in his visual art, that have graced the halls of galleries and museums worldwide.

Limited edition of 1,000 featuring: Full album download code + bonus song / story; "Lester And The Gold Coin", deluxe linen old style tip-on jacket, 12-page Saddle Stitched Book containing excerpts from Jay Bolotin's personal letters from the era, accompanied by newly commissioned woodcuts depicting the people and the times, printed inner sleeve with full lyrics on the front, and woodcut print "The River" - suitable for framing - on the back.

Bolotin's work is included in many public and private collections, including the Museum of Modern Art (New York), Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, the Georgia Museum of Art, Smith College Museum of Art, among many others." - Delmore Recording Society

"LISTEN! You gotta hear this guy!" - Mickey Newbury

"That song, ‘Traveler’ — a lot of people have been trying to write that for a long time..." - Kris Kristofferson

"...a great genius" - Norbert Putnam

"His lyrics have the impact of Loretta Lynn revised by Poe; his pictures are as unsettling as Dore' or Bosch." - Steve Eng

"...the kind of guy who could put a spell on you." - Porter Wagoner

"All you got to do is talk to those idiots (on music row) and get them to pay attention to him."  Mickey Newbury to Kris Kristofferson, Exit / In, 1974

“I take some pride in the fact that the record companies would say to me you’ve got ten ideas in that song. Go back and make it one. I couldn’t, though.” - Jay Bolotin