MOSQUITOES - “Drip Water Hollow Out Stone” LP

MOSQUITOES - “Drip Water Hollow Out Stone” LP

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Mosquitoes - Drip Water Hollow Out Stone LP (Ever/Never, 2022 reissue)

200 copies, one time pressing...

"Highest Possible Recommendation!" - Low Company Records

"...Mosquitoes strip away certainty, melody and rhythm, clank by groan by howl. Harsh, provocative stuff." - Jennifer Kelly, Dusted Magazine

"...bears comparison with the early, druggy ravings of Faust and Royal Trux, the infinite navelgaze of certain Shadow Ring moments and the formless freakery of someone like Heavy Winged. Get this – and quicksharp, too.." - Noel Gardner , Quietus

" rewards that investment of time and attention with a listening experience you won’t get anywhere else..." - Sorry State

"Probably the freshest and coolest no-wave-derived music
 I’ve heard in a while!" - YellowGreenRed

"Barely reviewable in the context of Maximum Rock 'n Roll, but so damn good it had to go in." - MR , MRR