SSABAE - "Azurescens" LP

SSABAE - "Azurescens" LP

Few Crackles
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SsabaeAzurescens LP (Few Crackles, 2022)

Total stunner. Another gem from Marseille’s ever-mysterious Few Crackles label. Insane and wonderous free-folk / field recording / electro-collage compositions from what feels like another dimension. Twisted beauty!

"ssabæ is a nebula of friends gathering in studios, meadows and tiny apartments all over France : the tracks of azurescens were recorded during those sessions."

guitar : étienne chaigne
voice : margaux delatour
synths : michael ruellan
percussions : oedipa maas
saxophone : gwen jamois
effects : erwan birib
photo : béatrice de ventadour
mixing : paul stamets