THE RED CRAYOLA - "Keep All Your Friends" Zine

THE RED CRAYOLA - "Keep All Your Friends" Zine

Alex Parish
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The Red Crayola - Keep All Your Friends Zine (by Alex Parish, 2022)

First pressing! Amazing compilation of RC info. Only a small handful of copies so please limit yourself to one copy per customer...

"KEEP ALL YOUR FRIENDS: The Red Crayola with and without Art & Language on Rough Trade Records

This is an oral history and annotated discography of the Rough Trade era Red Crayola.

Interview subjects include:
Mayo Thompson
Michael Baldwin
Mel Ramsden
Lora Logic
Gina Birch
Ben Annesley
Allen Ravenstine
Geoff Travis
Adam Kidron
and Lizzie Borden.

The zine itself is about 60 pages.

Also included is a reproduction of the 22 paged booklet that Art & Language prepared for Kangaroo? including lyrics and commentary." - Greatestmusicofmanandwomankind