THE WINGER BROTHERS - "Live at T. Eddie's" LP

THE WINGER BROTHERS - "Live at T. Eddie's" LP

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The Winger Brothers - Live at T. Eddie's LP (self-released, 2018)

Private press style hand-glued jackets. Edition of 100.

A goddamn steal at $15, but Jordan gave me the remaining stack of these for next to nothing when he left town for LA last month and I feel bad charging any more than this so grab one while the gettin's good...

Exemplary slab of 20-tens neighborhood dive country, recorded live at Louisville's lovable shit-hole karaoke dump (since-turned gentrifying sports bar/brewery) T. Eddie's. On any given night of the week, you might find the Winger Brothers at whatever random bar you walked into after sundown. Sometimes they'd be singing Clint Black ballads with Will Oldham in a wig. Sometimes fumbling through original material ranging from tear-in-my-beer ballads to more up-beat numbers about pick-up trucks and Saturday nights and, well, drinking in a fun way. Sometimes performing songs written specifically for and about in-house pinball games. Sometimes putting both figurative and literal fires out at their very own apathetically annual hoe-down WingerFest. And sometimes just getting drunk at a table together with their instruments outside in unlocked cars. Ultimately, it didn't matter what they were doing. When the Wingers were in the house, it was bound to be a good night.

Recorded live on Sunday April 8th 2018 at T Eddies around 6pm
Audio captured and mixed by Bill Hardesty
Mastered by Shelley Anderson at Black Lab
Photo by Janet Weeden